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Get in front of car buyers & build awareness on the largest TV Networks during popular TV shows and movies.

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Target Car Buyers around your dealership.

Finding car buyers for you dealership can be tough, but you’re not alone. Here’s 3 ways to increase your reach on Connected TV.

How to Sale Car Inventory Like a Pro

With Ads by Popcorn Trailer, you get a done-for-you TV advertising solution for your business. Target new car buyers and build your brand name on Fire TV, Roku TV and other Smart TV devices. car dealership advertising.

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Connected TV (CTVcontinues to have the highest video completion rate (VCR) of all device types. 

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Start small and grow big, locally or worldwide. Interested in knowing what does it cost to advertise on TV?

The Simple Guide for Car Sales Advertising

Car Dealership Advertising

Car Dealership Advertising Agency


Ads by Popcorn Trailer is a full service car dealership advertising agency dedicated to helping owners boost awareness during TV shows and movies.


How can I promote my car dealership?


Let’s face it, car sales advertising isn’t cheap. However, growing your restaurant using TV advertising, Connected TV advertising, or Smart TV advertising, should never be a hassle. We’ve made a simple and affordable TV advertising solutions to help you grow your business on the largest TV networks. Talk with Ads by Popcorn Trailer. Check out Other alternatives car dealership advertising strategies you should consider below.


The History of Car Advertising, From the 1900s to Now


The automotive industry has been a major player in the advertising world since the 1900s. In 1906, Henry Ford introduced the Model T to the public and used an innovative advertising campaign to promote it. His campaign consisted of a series of posters with slogans like “I will pay $5 dollars for any car you can beat” and “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad.”


– The first major change in automotive advertising came during World War II when gas rationing was introduced.


The Incorporation of Social Media & The Internet Into Car Advertising


Social media and the internet have been a major player in the car advertising game for a while now. New studies show that these two mediums are not only more influential than television, but also more effective. 


Car companies have been using social media as a way to connect with their customers for years now. They do this in order to create awareness and build relationships with potential buyers. It is also used to share information about discounts, promotions, new models and other newsworthy items. This is done through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts.


The internet has also been a major player in the car advertising game for some time now as well. Car companies use it as an avenue to sell cars online and market them through digital ads on websites like Facebook, Google Search or YouTube.


B2B vs B2C – Which Strategy is Best? For what reasons?


B2B and B2C strategies are two different approaches to marketing. The former focuses on building a relationship with the business, while the latter is more focused on establishing a connection with the customer.


The B2B strategy is usually more effective when it comes to driving long-term growth and getting new customers. This car sales advertising strategy focuses on building relationships with other businesses and providing them with solutions they need. In this way, they can establish themselves as an expert in their field which will lead to more business opportunities in the future.


The B2C strategy is better for short-term gains because it’s easier to get new customers interested in your product or service because you are targeting them directly. However, this strategy does not have lasting effects and does not provide any opportunities for long time.


Is Traditional Media Dead? The Role of Digital Marketing in a Business Strategy


Traditional media is not dead, it has just changed its form. It is still an important part of the marketing mix and can be used to reach a wide audience.


The Role of Digital Marketing in a Business Strategy: Digital marketing in today’s world has become an essential part of the marketing mix for car sales advertising. It provides marketers with a unique opportunity to reach their customers wherever they are and at any time they want.


What are the Top 3 Lead Generation Strategies for Automobile Dealerships?


There are many strategies for lead generation out there, but the top 3 strategies for Automobile Dealerships are:



Sponsoring a sports team or event will allow your dealership to advertise on TV and social media, as well as through signage at the event. This is a great way to reach a new audience of potential customers.



The best way to grow your business using is by word of mouth. The most successful businesses in the world have grown because of referrals from happy customers. If you provide an amazing experience with your customers, they will be more likely to refer you to their friends and family members.


Online Advertising:

Online advertising can be very cost effective when done right. It’s important that you target your audience specifically. It can be a form of marketing research and development. It also has numerous potential uses including as a medium for political campaigning, and to provide news and entertainment.


The benefits for business are:

1) Increased sales

2) Reduced cost

3) Targeted advertising

4) More time for other tasks


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