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Direct Mail Marketing vs CTV Advertising

Direct Mail Marketing vs CTV Advertising

What is direct mail marketing

Direct mail is an effective marketing technique that helps send a personalized message to potential customers. For some businesses, it’s the most inexpensive form of marketing. This form of marketing can be sent in as a printed brochure or postcard and is often targeted to specific geographical areas.

Sending direct marketing mailers is a great way to advertise your product. To reach out to new people, you can go door-to-door, send postcards, or even set up a booth at the mall. Direct mail has been proven to be a successful and effective way of finding customers that are relevant to your business.

In this article will give you key direct mail marketing tips. A direct mailer with the right offer can act as a great way to reach out to prospects and can be sent at any time of the year. People are more likely to buy from you if they feel that your marketing campaigns are speaking directly to them specifically and their needs. It builds credibility and trust in your brand, tells prospects what they’re going to get, and puts them one step closer to buying from you.

Does direct mail still work

Direct mail has been around for over 100 years and it still plays an important role in the world of advertisement. It has been slow to adopt new technologies, but as more people become digital savvy, mail marketing is evolving with the times.

With a well-formatted, highly personalized message, businesses can promote to customers that are highly likely to be interested in their products. If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’ve been working on a new product or service for business-to-business use, you can use tailor your campaign to reach your industry.

Is direct mail marketing a good strategy for your business

Yes, there are many use cases of using direct mail campaigns in your business that are still effective today, including:
  • Advertising new products

  • Promoting services

  • Coupons

  • Promotions

  • Surveys

  • Gift Cards

  • Coupons

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It can also be used by businesses to get a return on investment. For example, mail sent to a customer that’s just signed up for service is a cost-effective way of reinforcing the value of the company’s products and services. Businesses also use direct mailing as part of their marketing strategy to develop customers through the process of trial and error.

This leads businesses to know their customers better which leads them in turn to make more money from those customers. Companies are able to use the data to target their customers better is by using behavioral analysis. This is a way of understanding how individuals behave and makes it easier for companies to tailor their marketing to the individual needs of their consumers.

What is a direct mail advertising example

Direct mail is often used in marketing as it’s delivered straight to your home or office. It can be a postcard with an offer, flyer, a catalog of goods, poster, or even lettersThe first step of designing an effective mail campaign for your business is to determine its goal. This can be as simple as finding out the average age of your customer base and creating a mailing that is specific to them.

If you’re expecting a response, you’ll want to create a letter that has some sort of incentive for someone to respond and provide their personal information.

Direct Mail Marketing vs CTV Advertising

7 Best Direct Mail Services for Small Businesses

  • VistaPrint: Direct mail services for businesses of any size

  • PsPrint: Best EDDM service for cheap Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) services

  • PostcardMania: Ideal for businesses that want to market with mailers and targeted marketing online

  • Overnight Prints: Super-fast turnaround times for small businesses in need of direct mailing services

  • MOO: Luxury finishing for high-end marketing materials

  • 48HourPrint: One of the widest range direct mailers on the market today

  • Every Door Direct Mail: Includes print plus digital ads

Should I use direct mail marketing or TV Advertising

Many marketers have trouble deciding between TV and direct mail, but there are advantages of both. TV is best for creating longer-lasting awareness for your brand, whereas direct mail has the potential to reach your consumer on a more personal level. This includes the new CTV advertising platforms as well.

Although TV has a sizable following, it might not be the best platform for every business. For example, the average viewer only watches 2 hours and 46 minutes of TV every day. More than 40% of people check their mail, looking forward to picking up a letter or a package.

When you’re deciding between TV vs. direct mail, there are a few important factors to think about. Depending on your marketing goals, you might benefit from using both, but it’s good to be aware of the limitations of these channels as well. Let’s have a look and explore some examples.


6 things to consider about Direct Mail Marketing Vs CTV Advertising

    1. Your Marketing Budget

      Direct mail is a great way to target specific audiences of any size. However, the size of your campaigns will depend on your printing budget.

      But does this mean everyone will open your mail marketing? It’s widely known that direct mail quickly becomes trash mail at first glance.

      Remember, CTV advertising has a 98% view rate since ads can’t be skipped during a program. Direct mail has a 5% open rate.

    2. CTV Advertising Tells a story that direct mail can not.

      With video ads, you not only have an opportunity to do all the points listed in the input text, but you can also add moving footage to more than just a single frame. This enables your content to be more immersive, with colors, sound, and motion that can leave a much stronger impression on your potential customers.

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  1. Direct mail doesn’t prompt much emotion or action.

    As a result, marketing with direct mail audiences tend to look at mail pieces for only a moment before either ignoring or throwing them away.

    Video ads are more likely to be absorbed and remembered than other forms of ads on TV. With frequent exposure, you have the chance to establish a loyal customer base for your company through these video ads.

  2. TV Produces a High ROI (this includes streaming TV advertising)

    TV ads can generate good amounts of revenue and increase the amount of ROI you get, with the potential to get $6.50 in return for every dollar spent. TV is one of the most popular advertising forms as it offers a more widespread reach, an emotional connection with audiences, and increased trust thanks to its place on reputable networks. Keep in mind, direct mail marketing cost.

  3. Direct mail has a chance of getting discarded

    As mentioned previously, if your direct mail gets lost in piles of other mail, people may not notice and look at it. Even if you design it to stand out and make your message as clear as possible, there’s no guarantee that people will take the time to read and act on it.

    For instance, people tend to trust TV and print ads much more than direct mail. Because they come from a trusted source (TV or magazine), they are perceived as more trustworthy than a mailer ad that lands in your mailbox. With this in mind, the recipient is much less likely to toss out the mail when it arrives because they figure it must be important.

  4. Turn Video ads into evergreen content

    You can use your video ad on social platforms to cross-promote. Nowadays, there are a lot of different platforms where you can post content, including Facebook and Instagram. That’s why it’s important to make sure your content is compatible with as many platforms as possible.

    You should also consider how each platform works and what the audience will be expecting from it before publishing.

People also ask:


How is direct mail different from other forms of advertising?

There’s no guarantee that you’re going to get your audience on any other form of advertising, but with direct mail, you know who’s getting your message since you control how it’s delivered.


Are TV ads Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing encompasses a wide variety of mediums, such as print ads, television advertising, online ads, and telemarketing.


What is CTV advertising?

Connected TV advertising (CTV) is a form of digital ads that you can air during movies and TV shows inside streaming TV apps. For example: ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, TNT, TBS, Discovery and more.

How to Use Streaming TV Advertising in Your Marketing Mix

Streaming TV advertising or Connected TV (CTV) is a relatively new form of advertising that has been on the rise in recent years. With streaming TV ads, viewers can be targeted with a message that suits their needs and is tailored to the demographics they represent.

Streaming TV ads are a popular alternative to traditional broadcast ads because they allow you to target people who are engaged with their favorite TV shows, sports games, or live events. They also allow you to reach people who don’t watch traditional broadcast channels.

Your ads can also be produced with less money. For example, using stock footage, music, and a professional voice-over to promote your product is just as efficient as hiring a production crew in most cases. Gone are the days of expensive production budgets for companies that want to reach their potential customers.

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Laws Regarding Direct Mail Marketing

Before sending out direct mail pieces to clients, direct marketers must research and comprehend the regulations associated with direct mail.

Not abiding by legal requirements can target one for serious repercussions, so it is essential to understand the rules before getting a mailing list ready. The United States Federal Trade Commission, along with multiple state governments, has developed laws to protect consumers from unwanted emails and other communications.

These regulations provide individuals the right to reject any unsolicited communication. Numerous federal and state legislations guarantee the privacy of customer-sensitive data like medical reports, credit card numbers, social security numbers and; beyond.


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CTV technology is becoming more popular and with more people upgrading their TVs for compatibility. If you’re not familiar, CTV gives your business an opportunity to build brand awareness during popular TV shows and movies.


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