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Pluto TV Advertising for Any Size Business. (Basics)

Pluto TV Advertising
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What is Pluto TV?


Pluto TV is a free, ad-supported online streaming service owned by Viacom CBS, that offers a selection of live TV, and on-demand content from hundreds of TV shows and movies. It’s available on computers, mobile devices and smart TVs. Pluto TV is one of the most popular free streaming services in the US, with a massive follower base and a devoted following.


Pluto’s programming is divided into four categories: Live TV, On-demand TV, Movies and Shows. Live TV includes linear channels like ESPN, AMC and Freeform along with channels that stream on-demand content 24/7 like Netflix, HBO Now and Hulu. The company also offers Pluto Premium Channels and Pluto Cloud DVR Service.


Pluto TV is mainly designed for cord cutters who don’t have cable or satellite service. The company has more than 10 million monthly active users in the United States. The content on Pluto TV is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese and other languages. The service offers more than 5,000 hours of content across all genres. Pluto TV has a selection of live sporting channels including NBC Sports Network and FOX Sports. The company also has a curated selection of shows from networks like Spike TV and MTV.


Does Pluto TV have advertising?


Yes, the ads you see on Pluto TV are targeted to viewers. They offer in-stream video ads, banner ads and pre-roll video ads.

  • The in-stream video ads are the most common type of ad on Pluto TV. These types of ads are usually short videos that play before the content starts playing.

  • The banner and pre-roll video ads are placed at the bottom or top of the screen during content playback.


Pluto TV has made it very simple for advertisers to buy their advertising space on Pluto TV with a self serve platform that they have created. . This allows anyone to buy advertising space and potentially reach millions of different viewers in the United States. The most expensive ad packages on Pluto TV are for live, pre-roll, or post-roll ads that run for 30 seconds.

Pluto TV Advertising

Why Advertise Your business on Pluto TV


Pluto TV advertising is advantageous for companies in a variety of ways and most importantly to help your business grow. It can be cost-effective and provides another outlet to establish brand awareness. The marketing campaign doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive, and it’s easy to create graphics in your own design.


For a wide range of businesses, Pluto TV is the perfect marketing solution because it can be used to promote many different products or services. It can help any size business cut through the competition by providing your audience with what they want. With Pluto TV, you can promote your business, reach your targeted audience and measure campaign results.


How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Pluto TV?


The cost of advertising on Pluto TV depends on the type of audience you want to reach. Your campaign objective maybe to reach pet owners in Atlanta, or men who like sports. Either way, your campaign will be designed based on your targeting needs.


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Is it Worth Investing in a Pluto TV Advertising Campaign?


A Pluto TV advertising campaign is a great way to reach the masses and promote your product or service. It is a good idea if you have the budget for it.


It is worth investing in a Pluto TV advertising campaign if you have the budget for it. The reason this form of advertising works so well is because people are watching TV when they are at home and not distracted by anything else on their phone or computer screen.



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