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Tubi TV Advertising for Any Size Business. (Basics)

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What is Tubi TV?


Tubi TV is an ad-supported, free TV service that is available on all devices.

It lets you watch movies and TV shows for free, with no subscription required.

Tubi has a wide range of content such as blockbuster hits, old favorites, and critically-acclaimed films from art houses.

One of the biggest benefits of Tubi TV is that it doesn’t require any kind of subscription fee to use.

Tubi TV’s large user base can make it a fantastic way to reach potential customers. In fact, Tubi TV has more than 50 million registered users and over 20 million monthly active users. This means that any size business can use it for advertising their product or service.

Users can browse through the library of videos by genre, title, or actor.

You can also search for a specific show or movie that they want to watch. The app has a section for trending shows and movies that is updated daily with new content.

The app allows users to download their favorite TV shows and movies, finding them on the home screen.

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Does Tubi TV have advertising?


Yes, Tubi TV stream premium ads with their service.

These ads can be targeted based on the video you are watching. They offer in-stream video ads, banner ads, and pre-roll video ads. 

Ads are aired sparingly, with a limit of 4-6 minutes per hour with 12-15 minute intervals for maximum brand recognition. This ensures that viewers stay attentive to the advertisements.

  • The most popular, in-stream video ads are those that play before content on Tubi TV. These can be short videos that show the viewers quick information.

  • Banner and pre-roll ads are shown at the bottom or top of the screen during content playback.


Tubi TV has developed an in-house system that advertisers can use to pay for advertising space.

This offers great convenience and also ensures quality with Tubi TV advertising cost.

With Tubi TV, you can buy ad space and potentially reach millions of viewers in the US.

The most expensive packages are for live, pre- or post-roll ads that run for 30 seconds.

Tubi TV Advertising

Why Should You Advertise Your Business on Tubi TV


Tubi advertising cost is similar to Pluto TV ads. They both can help you if your company has an appetite to grow.

Marketing campaigns with visuals can be very cost-effective and provide another way for your company to make a name for itself. Campaigns are easy to set up and don’t need a lot of time or money.

Creating graphics is also pretty straightforward, and with a bit of practice, the result won’t look forced.

For many companies, Tubi commercial during movies is the perfect marketing solution as it can provide a promotional platform for all products or services.

Tubi TV advertising is a great way for any size business to cut through the competition and provide a product or service that customers are looking for.

You can promote your brand, reach your target audience and track the success of your campaign with real-time analytics in Tubi TV.

This is considered the most affordable way to advertise on Tubi TV.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Tubi TV?


The cost to advertise on Tubi TV depends on the type of audience you want to reach.

There are multiple options available to suit your needs and objectives, including targeted campaigns for women or for men who enjoy specific programming.

Let us help you find your audience. With our geo-based targeting, we’ll get the word out about your business to people around you.

We also have custom gender and interest buckets for perfect targeting and reach.

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Remember, you’ll need a quality 30-second video ad to get started.

Utilize affordable video creation services such as Fiverr. Your fee could be as low as $150 for a quality 30 second advertisement.

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Is it Worth Investing in a Tubi TV Advertising Campaign?


One of the most effective ways to market your product or service today is by running a Tubi TV advertising campaign.

This will allow you to reach as many people as possible at once and promote your products and services to a wider audience.

It is better to come up with an idea and promote it rather than to make one-time posts that would be forgotten within a few days.

Investing in an advertising campaign with Tubi TV can be a good idea if you have the budget for it.

As people watch TV while they’re home, it’s one of the best forms of ads because they won’t be distracted.

Is Tubi TV advertising the best solution for your business?


When considering advertising options for your business, Tubi TV advertising emerges as a compelling solution.

With its widespread reach and engaging platform, Tubi TV advertising offers unique advantages that make it worth considering.

Tubi TV, known for its extensive collection of free movies and TV shows, has implemented a robust advertising system to help businesses effectively promote their products or services.

By leveraging Tubi TV advertising, you can tap into a large and diverse viewer base, potentially reaching millions of users across the United States.

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Tubi TV Advertising Format Examples


When it comes to effective advertising strategies, Tubi TV advertising is a prime example of connected TV (CTV) advertising. CTV advertising involves delivering targeted advertisements to viewers who stream content on internet-connected television devices.

Let’s explore some examples of CTV advertising formats and strategies that can make your campaigns stand out.

Pre-roll Ads: These short video advertisements play before the streaming content starts, resembling traditional TV commercials. Ranging from a few seconds to a minute, pre-roll ads are often skippable after a brief period.

Mid-roll Ads: Interrupting longer-form content like TV shows or movies, mid-roll ads appear in the middle of the streaming content, dividing it into ad segments.

Post-roll Ads: Post-roll ads are another effective format within Tubi TV advertising. These ads are video advertisements that play after the streaming content ends, providing an opportunity to engage viewers after they have finished watching their desired content.

Interactive Ads: Customized ad experiences inclusive of interactive features such as product carousels, store locators and more, can be flawlessly executed across all Tubi ad viewing experiences.

Addressable Ads: Leveraging data and audience targeting, addressable ads personalize advertisements to specific households or individuals.

OTT Sponsorships: Over-the-top (OTT) sponsorships involve brand integration into the content or association with specific shows on streaming platforms.

This can include product placements, sponsored segments, or branded content within the streaming content.

These examples highlight the diverse range of CTV advertising options available to advertisers.

The effectiveness of each approach depends on factors such as the target audience, campaign objectives, and the specific streaming platform or service used.

Tubi TV advertising offers a superior advertising experience compared to traditional TV, and it often provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing traditional TV ads.

With Tubi TV advertising, brands can unleash their creativity by designing ads that are targeted to specific age groups, geo-locations, and interests, without disrupting the viewing experience of other individuals in the household.

In terms of cost, Tubi TV advertising prices typically range from $10.00 to $45.00+ in the industry.

However, Ads by Popcorn Trailer offers monthly CTV advertising packages that provide financially manageable options for small businesses.

By leveraging Tubi TV advertising and its diverse range of CTV ad formats and strategies, you can create impactful and engaging advertising campaigns that reach your target audience effectively.

Types of Local Businesses that Advertise on Tubi TV


  1. Restaurants and Cafés Local eateries, such as restaurants, cafés, and diners, utilize Tubi TV advertising to showcase their mouthwatering dishes, daily specials, delivery options, and promotions.

  2. Retail Stores and Boutiques Local retail establishments, including clothing stores, boutiques, specialty shops, and convenience stores, take advantage of 

  3. Home Services Local businesses offering home services, such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and cleaners, advertise on Tubi TV to showcase their expertise, reliability, and competitive pricing.

  4. Automotive Services Local auto repair shops, car dealerships, tire stores, and other automotive service providers utilize Tubi TV advertising to promote their services, special offers, and competitive pricing. 

  5. Health and Fitness Centers Local gyms, fitness studios, yoga centers, and wellness facilities leverage Tubi TV advertising to reach health-conscious viewers. 

  6. Real Estate Agencies Local real estate agencies advertise on Tubi TV to showcase available properties, open houses, and real estate services.

  7. Professional Services Local professionals, including lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and consultants, use Tubi TV advertising to promote their services and expertise to individuals and businesses in the local community. 

  8. Home Improvement and Renovation Local businesses specializing in home improvement, renovation, interior design, and remodeling advertise on Tubi TV to showcase their portfolio, expertise, and services.

  9. Local Events and Entertainment Local event organizers, theaters, concert venues, and entertainment establishments advertise on Tubi TV to promote upcoming events, shows, concerts, and community gatherings.

  10. Healthcare Services Local healthcare providers, including doctors, dentists, clinics, and hospitals, utilize Tubi TV advertising to reach viewers in need of medical or dental services. 

By utilizing Tubi TV advertising, these local businesses can effectively connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive customer engagement.

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