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Ad Guide: Types of Advertising and Formats

Types of Advertising

Advertising is one of the most popular forms of promoting your business to a larger audience. It can be a great way for companies to reach their target audience, but it can also be expensive.

There are many different types of advertising and formats, some of the most popular ones include video ads, banner ads, and display ads. Video ads are more engaging because people watch the video and the ad is shown in a place where it is relevant. Banner and display ads are typically placed on a website’s homepage or on a side bar and they usually have a headline, an image or video, and some text.


Types of Advertising Overview

On this page, we will explore the various types of advertising and examples. There are a lot of different types of online ads, and it can be hard for new marketers to take it all in.


1. Banner Ads

Banner ads are exterior advertisements that show up on news websites or blogs. They can have a variable size, design, and function. The long-established practice of buying and selling ad space for commercial purposes has now been extended to the realm of digital marketing.

Websites that sell their ad space to advertisers through advertising exchanges, such as Google’s display network, can also buy space in a similar way that you would buy an ad in a newspaper.


2. Bing Ads

Microsoft Ads is another type of advertising that works in the same way as Google Ads, there is a cost-per-clicked basis to advertising with Microsoft. You can use the dashboard from the Microsoft dashboard to manage your campaigns.

You need to first create a Microsoft Ads account. If you already have an account, you can log in with your e-mail address and password.


3. CTV Ads

CTV advertising is a form of advertising that takes the form of a pre-recorded video. It is often used as an alternative to traditional TV commercials.

In the past, CTV ads were only available for purchase by big brands with large budgets. However, in recent years, platforms have emerged that allow small businesses to Buy CTV Ads at affordable prices.

The following are some of the benefits of using CTV ads:

  • Higher engagement rates than traditional TV commercials
  • More targeted
  • Highly measurable
types of advertising


4. Email Ads

Email ads are a kind of ad that is sent to people’s email inboxes. They can be used to tell people about new promotions, deals, or features that you’ve launched.

Email advertising should feature a large image and minimal text because people will not spend time looking at these types of advertising pop-ups. It’s also important to set a compelling subject line.


5. Facebook Ads

There are a lot of different ad types on Facebook. Some are better for branding than others and some will cost more per click than others. To learn more about them, read our post on Facebook marketing or explore our full list of available Facebook advertising options.

Marketplace Ads can appear as a headline, text, and an image on the side of your Facebook page.

Boosted posts is a new Facebook ad feature that lets advertisers promote one organically published post instead of running a campaign. This means they can reach more people, while saving time and effort.


6. Gmail Ads

Gmail’s contextual ads are personalized and dynamically generated based on the content of a user’s emails, in order to show them ads that are relevant to their interests. Many Gmail users are on the receiving end of advertisements for air conditioners when emailing about those things or using search terms with them in them. These Gmail ads are pay-per-click and come from google ad campaigns that target those types of keywords.

types of advertising


7. Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are a type of contextual banner ads that you can use in Google’s Display Network. These ads are used when you don’t know the websites on which your ads will be shown.

Ads on the Google Display Network are shown on sites external to Google, including YouTube, Gmail, Blogger and more. To use the Network in AdWords, you first need to create a campaign in either text or image formats.


8. Google Search Ads

Google search ads are advertisements that you can post on Google so that your ad is seen alongside any search query. PPC, or pay-per-click ads, are where advertisers are charged for each click their ads receive. To learn more about Google search ads check out Google Search Advertising.


9. In-App Ads

Google’s AdMob allows mobile app developers to earn money on their free games by displaying ads, and provides advertisers with the opportunity to advertise in some of the most popular mobile games. App briefs can appear as banner ads, text-based ads and interstitials using HTML5.


types of advertising


10. In-Game Ads

Game ads are all too common in modern games and can be seen in almost any type of game. This means your ad might show up as billboards in a sports game or even make the products have names such as guns, cars, or clothes.

Ads are something developers often put into mobile games to generate revenue from the game. Developers might also use ads to give players more lives, power-ups, or in-game currency without them ever having to spend a dime on an app.


11. Instagram Ads

You may have noticed that there are more Instagram ads popping up as of late. You’ll find them across the app, like in your newsfeed, explore tab, stories, and in shops.

Each time an ad is seen by a person it will be tracked to see how many people have seen it and the time period. The data is used to tailor ad content so that ads can be more relevant and attractive.


12. Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are shown on smartphones, tablets, and any other type of mobile device. There are many platforms that offer their own options for mobile advertising such as Facebook, Google Ads, and more.

You can choose to advertise solely to mobile devices or a mix of both platforms if you’re looking at a wider reach.


13. Newspaper Ads – Traditional

News ads may seem like a thing of the past, but they still work well for targeting audiences who don’t spend much time online. They’re great for building brand awareness, although you have to be careful when it comes to performance tracking.

Online advertising offers audience targeting options and performance monitoring, which traditional newspaper advertisements lack. It’s still an effective type of advertising for businesses to consider.


14. PPC Ads

Google and Bing both use a pay per click model for ads which means you only pay on an ad when someone clicks it. For example, Google Adsense is a pay per click model which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad from a partner site.


15. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads are simply pieces of content pinned by brands and advertisers. When there’s a specific product they want to market, marketers can create Pinterest advertisements by adding a dollar sign before the price amount in the description.

By pinning this item, you’re telling Pinterest that you are selling it at the current price. This also allows us to show links to the product page on your site where people can purchase it. We’re half way through our list of types of advertising. But we’re not done yet!

types of advertising


16. Radio Ads

Radio advertisements are like TV and newspaper ads (traditional types of advertising) in the sense that they’re outbound marketing that requires an interruption. Radio ads are difficult to measure when compared with digital, which can be easily tracked by a number of devices.


17. Reddit Ads

Reddit ads are advertisements on the website Reddit. They have a headline title, destination URL, and photo that can be included in the ad. Ads are bought on a bid-based system where users can decide how much they want to spend and also how long they want their campaign to run for.

Reddit ads are one of the most cost-effective types of advertising because it provides an alternative to banner or traditional ads on less mainstream sites. Reddit ads are also helpful in targeting niche markets that might not be reached otherwise.


18. Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are a type of advertising that aims to get potential visitors of your site back to the website. This is done using specific techniques and algorithms that take into account a visitor’s previous web browsing history and what pages they were viewing.

Your browser can be tracked by advertisers and so targeted ads can appear from time to time – these will either have the product you just visited or a competitor’s.

Retargeting ads are popular for their higher click through rates and conversion rates.


19. Smart TV Ads

Smart TV ads are a form of interactive advertising that is delivered on the user’s television set. The ads can be delivered through the TV’s own interface or through an app that is downloaded and installed on the TV.

The main objective of smart TV ads is to engage consumers by providing them with personalized, interactive and customized content. This type of advertising provides an opportunity for advertisers to show more than just 30 seconds worth of content.

This advertising method provides information about your product or service to a viewer watching TV, which can be used as a lead generation tool for potential customers.

A smart TV ad typically consists of two parts: the video clip and interactive overlay. The video clip is usually a short commercial, which includes audio and visual elements such as images, text, animation or sound effects that are triggered.

types of advertising



20. TV Ads

TV ads are an expensive form of advertising with a long tradition, but they remain popular for the direct link they’ve got to television. TV ads are a form of outbound marketing that interrupt viewers to get their attention.

In order to avoid being disruptive, many ads now aim to get viewers emotional through a sense of goodwill, nostalgia, or even anger and sadness.


21. Tumblr Ads

Tumblr ads come in two different formats: Radar and Spotlight. The former highlights the work of sponsors (i.e., advertisers), surfacing them on areas of the site where Tumblr curates for quality content and personalized accounts, for example.

Tumblr also offer sponsored posts, which are posts created by advertisers that are shown in the main dashboard feed. They can be side-by-side with normal content or ones the user has create themselves. In order to advertise on Tumblr, you will first have to become a Tumblr sponsor.


22. Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are paid boosts that brands can use on Twitter to extend the reach of their tweets and gain more followers. Promoted Tweets give advertisers’ tweets more reach in your timeline and offer a lot of ways to target.

Twitter ads also provide Promoted Accounts, which will show up on your Who to Follow suggestions more often. Promoted Trends is a way to get your custom hashtag in the Trends bar on Twitter. It provides you with additional exposure to people and can help you advertise your messages.

Below are some examples of Twitter Ads:


23. Video Ads

Today, videos are the norm when it comes to advertising. This is thanks to faster internet speeds and displays of all sorts that make it simple for people to watch videos on their smartphones and laptops, especially as tech giants like Facebook and Twitter invest in video advertisement.

To be successful, video ads should avoid marketing themselves overtly as they would instead appeal to users by providing educational content. If any product suggestions are made, they should be done in a subtle way.

Create a video ad that’s funny and interactive! Video ads have a good chance of performing well, and interactive content will help you stand out.


24. YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are one of the most common ads that’s shown on YouTube. It can be just as easy and customizable as AdWords. YouTube ads give you many targeting opportunities and several different ad formats.

You can see them as banner ads, in-video overlay ads, or in-stream video ads (which are videos that are shown before/during other YouTube videos).

This concludes our 24 types of advertising list which is not presented in any specific order. The best types of advertising is purely based on ones perspective. It’s best to do what’s best for the audience you want to reach and your budget.

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