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Reach viewers on CTV based on age, gender, interest, and behavior.

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Reach viewers on CTV based on country, state, region, or zip code.

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Access 64% of U.S. households through Connected TV devices.

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With Ads by Popcorn Trailer, you get a done-for-you TV advertising solution for your business. Additionally, get quality video production — to strategy and audience optimization for your TV ad campaign.

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3 month minimum campaign duration. Start and stop campaigns inside your dashboard.


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Access campaign insights via your dashboard, including audience data and reporting.



We do everything for you — from media planning to support and questions.

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We create quality 30 second video ads that won’t blow your budget.

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Connected TV (CTV) continues to have the highest video completion rate (VCR) of all device types. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A video marketing agency helps you reach customers using videos by promoting your product or service on video platforms.

Ads by Popcorn Trailer is a full service video marketing agency in Charlotte, NC

In-stream ads on Connected TV range from $10.00 to $45.00+ in the industry. We make our service financially manageable for any local small businesses through our monthly TV advertising packages.

You can get started running TV ads for as low as $500 / mo.

  1. Click on the “Sign Up” button.
  2. In your dashboard click “Create New Campaign”.
  3. Send us your video advertisement link.
  4. Submit payment.

You must pre-pay before the campaign will launch. Your campaign starts within 5 business days after payment has successfully processed. 

Yes, we require a one-time setup fee ($150.00) to start your campaign. 

There are standard credit card processing fees applied per transaction as well.

Yes, we’re a done-for-you platform. We have a creative video ad solutions for you at a low cost fee. 

Register to get latest pricing.

Submit your target areas by zip code or state to start your campaign. 

Our back-end technology will target customers in the areas you choose.

Popcorn Trailer can not guaranteed likes, views, subscriptions or purchases. 

Connected TV advertising is a key component to your overall marketing strategy for growth. 

We recommend you focus on having engaging content and a unique offer.

Connected TV is similar to buy ads on traditional TV and cable TV, in terms of advertising timing. 

It works best when you are seen multiple times over an extended period.

However, with our service you can cancel your campaign at any time after a 3 month minimum campaign run.

Whenever your ad is viewed, MOAT and other third-party verification companies review ad placements to make sure they are legitimate and certified. We offer detailed data in your dashboard to see the location and dates of all views.

Multiple CTV channels are targeted during your campaign. This keeps your cost per view (CPV) low.

💡 Your ad shows on over 150+ CTV networks during commercial break.

If your dashboard shows your campaign is getting views and impressions, your ad is showing to customers. Viewing your ad on command is not possible.

💡 The technology will track the IP address of a viewer.

When you create a campaign, you set the monthly budget. Your payment is distributed across all available CTV networks.

💡 In order for your ad to show, you must win the bid against competing ads.

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