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Emotional Advertising & Marketing

emotional advertising
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Introduction: What is emotional advertising & marketing?


Emotional marketing, also known as “emotional advertising” is the act of tapping into people’s emotional side to sell products. By using emotional triggers, companies can encourage customers to buy more.


What are the different factors that influence emotions


With video marketing, there are many factors that can trigger different emotions in an audience. A lot of them can be controlled and managed by a copywriter, while others will happen in the editing stage.

Some factors which can create emotional responses in an audience during the writing stage include: tone, words used, arrangement of words on the page, and the setting of the scene. Additionally, tone can be influenced by diction, rhythm, sentence length, and syntax. Diction is how formal or informal a writer’s language is. Rhythm is how well-balanced the words are between short and long sentences.

The key to success is to identify these factors in the writing stage and use them strategically in order to create an emotional response in the final video.

Factors such as color, sound, background music, and camera angles can all have a powerful effect on how a final video makes us feel. These is all useful business marketing techniques.


Let’s take a closer look at creative techniques



Different colors have different effects on people depending on their mood or personality type. When it comes to color in videos, the dominant hue used will have the most impact on how viewers feel about a video. For example, if a lot of yellow is used in a video it will create feelings of happiness and warmth while blue typically creates feelings of calmness or sadness.


Audio is one of the most powerful tools for creating a believable and compelling experience. As a result, sound effects play an important role in how people react to videos, whether it’s watching a trailer or being part of a video game. One example of this is the use of good audio for film trailers which can turn an average moviegoer into an excited fan.

Background Music:

Background Music is an important aspect in video ads. The type of music chosen can greatly affect the mood of a viewer. Choosing a high-energy, upbeat background song will make a viewer feel more energetic and ready to take on the task at hand. Conversely, selecting a soothing, relaxed background song can make a viewer feel more calm and satisfied.

Camera Angles:

Camera angles are an essential part of any video ad, but many people don’t know why. Basically, the angle you choose will determine the emotion felt by the viewer. For instance, if someone is looking up at you, they’ll seem like they’re in a position of power. Conversely, if someone is looking down on you, they’ll seem more intimidating.


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How to Utilize Emotions in Your Business Marketing


Many business owners are thinking about adding video marketing to their repertoire, but many of them do not know how to make their video marketing effective. Emotions are what make us human, and also what compels us to act.

Moreover, the power of emotional advertising has long been recognized by psychologists who have studied persuasion for decades. Understanding how these emotions work is critical if you want your viewers to be compelled enough to act on your call-to-action (CTA).

Emotions are the key to a successful marketing video.

When you plan out your project early on and know what feeling you want to elicit from your audience, it helps to simplify the writing and shooting process.

On the other hand, this means you’ll need to conduct data research on your audience to see trends that worked in the past. By writing down what you want people to feel, it will help you simplify the shooting process to enhance your emotional advertising campaign.


Benefits of Using Emotion-Based Strategies


Emotion is one of the most powerful drivers of human behavior. Ever since it was found that people are more likely to believe in something if it makes them feel good, companies have used emotion to connect with their audience

The video marketing industry has not been left out. Emotion-based strategies are now used by every company in the industry to connect with their audience and drive engagement.

There has been a lot of research in the field of psychology and neuroscience which proves that human beings are hardwired for emotion. It is what drives us to take action and make decisions rather than logic. Nevertheless, this is where video marketing comes into play. By using some emotion-based strategies you can help customers connect with your product on a deeper level.


There are two common emotions marketers use for video marketing:


  1. Happiness: This is a positive emotion that can be used to create a sense of euphoria among customers, thereby making them happy about choosing your product or service.
  2. Fear: This is an emotion that can be used to highlight dangers associated with your competitors’ products and as such discourage people from buying those items as well as convincing people to buy your own.


In conclusion Emotional Advertising will help drive sales and grow your business


It’s hard to deny how important marketing techniques can enhance your message. Just see how they helped create the most successful company’s in history, via Steve Jobs or Norman Rockwell. Emotions can also help turn a mere Band-Aid into a household name and a life-saving product. As a result, it has changed the entire marketing industry by giving brands the power to tap into consumer psychology and truly connect with their audience.

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